Rebuild zoom_electron_4.3.30730.0118 addon with node 8.9, InitSDK return 3


I rebuild zoom electron addon with zoom_sdk_nodeaddon_static.lib. but When i call InitSdk ,it return 3( SDKERR_INVALID_PARAMETER: 3, ///< Wrong parameter),I don‘t know why,please help!

here is the demo code:

var ZOOMSDKMOD = require("../lib/zoom_sdk.js")
var initoptions={

function apicallresultcb(apiname, ret){
const zoomsdk = ZOOMSDKMOD.ZoomSDK.getInstance(initoptions)

 var opts = {
var ret = zoomsdk.InitSDK(opts);


//InitSDK 3
// ret 3 { InitSDK: [Function: InitSDK],
//   CleanupSDK: [Function: CleanupSDK],
//   GetAuth: [Function: GetAuth],
//   GetMeeting: [Function: GetMeeting],
//   GetSetting: [Function: GetSetting],
//   StartMonitorUIAction: [Function: StartMonitorUIAction],
//   StopMonitorUIAction: [Function: StopMonitorUIAction] }

Please support electron 4.x

In another thread:

the latest stable electron version is 4.1.0. I can not rebuild zoom addon due to no source. I try to rebuild with zoom statc lib Rebuild zoom_electron_4.3.30730.0118 addon with node 8.9, InitSDK return 3 , does not working, so please help me.

Electron releases frequently. More than 5 versions in different branches in less than two weeks:

Our quarterly SDK release will be available soon. I’ll check what version of Electron was used during our QA cycle with the current (and coming) release.


Thank for your replay. I have resolve this problem by zoom support team. the main reason sdk return 3 is i have not copy files to addon folder