Electron SDK Demo App Authorization Not Works. Auth Unknown error[ZoomAuthResult.AUTHRET_UNKNOWN]


Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Run the demo app.
  2. Enter token.
  3. Click the SDKAuth button.
  4. See the error at the console output.


Additional context
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I’ve add a line to show the sdkauthCB status as:

line 52: function sdkauthCB(status) {
line 53: console.log("sdkauthCB status: ", status);
line 54: if (ZoomAuthResult.AUTHRET_SUCCESS == status) {

Hi @yuyo217,

Thanks for the post. Could you post a sample of your JWT payload?


JWT Token:

The token will be expired at 16:20 10/22/2020

Hi @yuyo217,

Thanks for providing the token. The exp cannot be more than 2 days after iat, you may leverage the python script here to generate your JWT token:

    iat = long(int(time.time()))
    exp = long((datetime.datetime.today() + datetime.timedelta(days=2)).strftime("%s"))
    tokenExp = long((datetime.datetime.today() + datetime.timedelta(hours=1)).strftime("%s"))

    payload = {
        'appKey': key,
        'iat': iat,
        'exp': exp,
        'tokenExp': tokenExp
    encoded = jwt.encode(payload, secret, algorithm='HS256')


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