Demo Electron App doesn't run (blocked on JWT)

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I cannot get past the step in the demo app of inputting JWT token

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latest zoom-sdk-electron

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git clone zoom-sdk-electron
cd zoom-sdk-electron
sudo n -> change node to node/12.16.1
npm install --save-dev electron@8.2.4 -g
npm install node-gyp -g
npm install bindings -g

Click: “Start Demo”
Console log show: “Error: Send error, 60 Operation timed out
Error: Send error, 60 Operation timed out
Error: Send error, 60 Operation timed out”

Put in my JWT from (I also made sure it didn’t expire)
Click and briefly looks like Zoom is processing the JWT, but then it goes back to the same page asking for JWT.

If I add a console.log() at line 599 in main.js in the Demo app, then the return is 0
“{ ret: 0 }”

Additionally, when I tried to use AuthSDK instead, and put in my API_KEY and API_SECRET, while the initial SDKAuth() returns properly, the onAuth() callback I get error 2: AUTHRET_KEYORSECRETWRONG

Thank you!!!

Here’s a video:

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  • Device Spec: Mac
  • OS: macOS
  • Version 10.15.7

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@yongxing not sure if this will help you, but I was experiencing the same issue and the following helped me figure it out.

Firstly, I was formatting the token payload incorrectly. I ended up using the same value for the exp and tokenExp. Here is an example of the JWT payload

 Please try to place a timestamp in the field “tokenExp” instead of a number, such as:

“appKey”: “<my_app_key>”,
“iat”: 1586841706,
“exp”: 1586928106,
"tokenExp": 1586928106

I was also using the JWT app type key/secret instead of using the SDK app type key/secret in the marketplace.

Hope that helps

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Will try this out! Thank you @evandy

it works! thank you! onto the next challenge :slight_smile:

Hi @evandy,

Thank you very much for helping out! :slight_smile:

Hi @yongxing,

Glad to hear it is working for you now. If you need a further reference, you may find the instruction here: