Emails no longer returned from{meetingUUID}/participants

I have been creating an extension to Dynamics for Marketing using Zoom for a 2 way sync with participants of a zoom meeting/webinar, it auto checks-in people who registered for the event in Dynamics for Marketing.

It was working well until this latest release at the start of March, with this announcement made: Zoom API email address display rules - Zoom Updates

Has anyone managed to get external participants email addresses displaying through the API end point here:{meetingUUID}/participants

We don’t necessarily know who’s going to be attending prior to the Webinar/Meeting.

Any help would be awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @adam5

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!

Please refer to this post about these changes

Hope this helps,

Hi, this doesn’t answer my question, when participants don’t have to register to a meeting / webinar, how do we get their email addresses through the api?

This breaks an integration that we have built and there seems to be no way to get users email address to a public event (an event that you don’t have to register to) when a meeting is created through the zoom meeting API.

Are you able to provide information around getting an email address of the users who attended a public meeting/webinar?

We have tried setting the meeting_authentication attribute of the aforementioned API endpoint but this still doesn’t work.

Hi @adam5

I understand how this can impact your integration, but we now requiere guests to register to meetings and webinars to be able to save their email addresses and names.