Meeting participants report not returning emails for participants

Hello Zoom Team,
Hope you are fine and doing well. I’m using Zoom Meeting SDK for Web version 2.9.0, in join function I’m sending userName and userEmail for attendee and host and co-host.

Now I’m trying get report of meeting participants using endpoint /report/meetings/{meeting_uuid}/participants

meeting id


meeting uuid 1


meeting uuid 2


It returns participants without their emails. And I need participants emails.
Please, Help me to get user emails in the previous reports.
Thank you

Do these users belong to the same Zoom Account as you? if not you will not be able to see the email address for these users.

if you intend to receive the email address then you need to create a meeting with registration required.


One of users is paid/free user in my account, this user creates meeting.
The other user is attendee, he joins from web sdk. Both of users join meeting from meeting sdk. I’m using api to get report, it returns users’ names only not email.

After searching, I get this link, but I don’t know how to subscribe to this feature to get email in reports.

Hi @developeraya
As Ojus mentioned in the previous post, if the user is not part of your account, you wont be able to see their emails.
A workaround for this is requiring meeting registration and that way you will be getting the email of external users