Capturing Zoom Meeting registrant's email addresses when joining via the Web Client

There was a Zoom release last weekend to allow participants to join Zoom Meetings (and Webinars) with Registration via the web client.

After hosting a Zoom Meeting with registered participants attending via the web client, no email address is captured as part of the meeting participants report.
Note, when doing the exact same test with a Zoom Webinar, this works fine.

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Setup a Zoom Meeting with registration
  2. Register participants
  3. Launch the Zoom Meeting and have participants join (using their unique URL) via the web client
  4. End the session
  5. Obtain the report

Additional context
For my particular use case, I have the added “complexity” of using External Authentication, but have tested this without it, and the same issue arises.

Hi @ed.g,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

To clarify, did you see the email field missing for all participants or just some? If you saw this across the board, can you share the Meeting ID with me so that I can have a closer look?


Hi @will.zoom

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve only done it with a small volume of users, but the behaviour is consistently the same - the email address is missing for any user that joins via the web client.
I’ve tried different combinations of the same users joining via Zoom client and web client - when joining via the Zoom client, the email is captured, when joining via the web client, no email is captured.

Example is 98018908042; there are multiple instances of this meeting, so the one that you can check is the one from 02/02/2021 11:27:32.GMT - apologies, I don’t have the UUID to hand.

In that example, I think that two users joined via the Zoom client and one via the web client. The other instances may have examples where multiple users joined via the web client.

Another thing to note is that where the participant has joined via the Zoom client, the Registrant ID matches to the User ID in the Meeting participants report, but where the participant has joined via the web client, the Registrant ID does not.

Thank you!

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Hi @ed.g,

Thanks for sharing these details.

I should note that it’s expected behavior that, even for registered users, if they’re external to your own Zoom account, you will not receive their email address in the response for the GET Meeting Participant Reports API.

However, if the user is under your account, this should be returned—regardless of whether they join via the web client or the Zoom Client. If you’re not seeing these fields for an authenticated user under your account, can you let me know the User ID? I’ve DM’d you so that you can provide any additional details there if needed.


Hi @will.zoom ,

Thank you for the reply, and the DM. Given that we are looking to capture the email addresses of participants not attached to our account, or perhaps no account at all, I’m happy to keep the correspondence here.

The use case is that we are using Zoom to deliver external training, where participants may or may not have Zoom accounts, and may or may not be able to join via the Zoom client.

At the moment, we are using Webinars to deliver this training, and in all permutations (account/non-account holders, Zoom client / web client users), the email address is captured.

When we try with meetings, if the user is joining using the Zoom client (irrespective of being an account holder or not), the email is captured. It’s just access via the web client where it isn’t captured - there seems to be something about the web client and Meetings that restricts the capturing of this detail.

Any reason why Webinars and Meetings behaves differently? I would have thought that the same principle should apply?

Ultimately, what we are trying to do is reconcile registered participants against attended participants, with the email address being the common identifier - note: I couldn’t seem to get the registrant_id field to be return in the API response for this meeting either (I was hoping this was a potential option).

Happy to explore alternative ways to achieve this if you can offer any?

Thank you for persevering with this!

Hi @ed.g,

Thanks for clarifying your use case and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Have you considered leveraging our Participant Joined webhook for this?

This could be a great way to compare participants who joined your webinar (using the webhook) vs. Listed Registrants.


Any reason why Webinars and Meetings behaves differently? I would have thought that the same principle should apply?

I do not believe that there should be a difference here—in your testing, were your meetings and webinars created or started on different dates? I’m happy to look into this further. I can see that you’ve provided the Meeting ID (98018908042). Do you have the Webinar ID you tested with as well, so I can compare?

Let me know—thanks!

Hi @will.zoom

No, we’ve not looked at webhooks at all, and may well be something to explore, although I’m wondering if we’ll encounter the same issue with capturing email addresses for users via the web client - note that it’s the Zoom Meetings where we are having the issue; Webinars seem to be fine in all aspects.

94028424447 is an example of a Webinar that was setup in the exact same way as the Meeting, i.e. registration, external authentication, users are non-Zoom account holders and are joining via the web client.
Using the equivalent APIs, the email address is available without a problem, and also the Registrant ID (webinarregistrants API) matches the ID (reportwebinarparticipants API).
For some reason, it seems that Zoom isn’t capturing the email / recognising the user in the same way for the equivalent process for Zoom Meetings.



Hi @ed.g,

I just received your DM and provided a link to schedule some time with me.


I have the same issue. I am currently using the registration report as a workaround. I’ve had this problem before with some emails not appearing in the attendance report even though they used registration.

Not sure if this will work for you but wanted to let you know.


I’m having the same issue.

The webhook doesn’t include the email either. Currently there is no way for a participant joined webhook for a meeting to be compared to the registration if they join via web client since it doesn’t include any common IDs or the email address.

Hi @allison @classrooms ,

Are your participants joining using the Zoom client or the Web Client. And are these meetings or webinars?

Please share the Meeting or Webinar ID so that I can take a closer look.

Thank you,

The participant in this test meeting joined via the Web Client to a meeting that had Registration enabled.
The email address is not in the attendee report.

922 2532 8125


Hi @allison,

Thanks for sharing this. We’re looking into this. (ZOOM-245882).

Do you know which participant joined via the Web Client by chance?


hi, we have the same problem.
we have zoom meeting for training (registration required), and use webhook to check if attendees attend the session or not based on email. but the email is missing if attendees join from web browser. it works fine if attendees join from zoom client.
the meeting id is: 98948517735 if you need to debug.
it will be great if you can get this fixed.

Hi @AICamp_US,

Thanks for sharing this. We’re working on addressing this, and it should be addressed in an upcoming release.(ZOOM-245882)


thanks Will. do you know when the upcoming release will be?

Hi @AICamp_US,

This will likely be in the coming month, but I will share more details as soon as I have them. Thanks!

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