Embed zoom video to a web server

Hi @tommy,

Continuing our conversation from above about using the url link to pass the participant name:

The main downside seems to be that using a link like this means all participants must use the Zoom web client (and so must use Chrome). We’d like participants to have the option of using the Zoom app or the web client.

Is there any way to create a meeting link that allows the user to choose between using the Zoom app or using the web client and if they select “join from browser” to launch the web client, the name has been passed via the url? Seems like a long shot, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Thanks again for all your help,


Hey @kristenl,

You could provide the option on your end, display the regular Zoom Meeting link (zoom.us/j/{meetingID}), and the Zoom Web Client link on your web page giving users the option to join via either method.

If the Zoom user is already logged in, they want to join via the Zoom App, then their name will automatically be populated.

Another way to ensure the Zoom User joins via the Zoom App and has their name populated is to utilize registration, which gives them a unique join link.