Embedding a zoom webinar on my site

I have been working with zoom support for a month now and they were unable to help me. I am just doing a simple embed of a regular occuring webinar on my site. Not using the sdk but am just referencing the javascript tags on my page that allow me to create a client.

I then create the signature by using the command prompt with a the github file I downloaded for creating signatures. I have tried both curl requests to curl request signatures curl -X POST “http://localhost:4000” -d “meetingNumber=85151097167&role=1” and one with role=0

and it gives me a signature. After grabbing that signature and opening up the webinar I go to the page that holds the javascript and I get a “meeting id is invalid” everytime. I can confirm the meeting id is correct in my admin portal but it still never works. Can I please get some assistance or a walk through of where I might be going wrong?

Hi @finance
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Can you please confirm if you were able to troubleshoot this on your end or if you are still looking for help?
If so, can you please share with me how are you generating the signature?


Please refer to Austin Smith, copied on this email, for the answer to your inquiry.

Thank you!

It is still not working below is my example of how I get the signature

I am creating the signature using the git repo that had me download meetingsdk-auth-endpoint-sample and then I would open the port and then I would make a curl request to that port with the valid credentials for the specific webinar. Here is an example of one of the calls. Thank you for your insight.

C:\Users\smith>curl request signatures curl -X POST “http://localhost:4000” -d “meetingNumber=88400563738&role=1”


Hi @finance
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Just by looking and decoding your signature it looks like you are passing an old date (here is a tool to decode it: https://jwt.io/)

here is a helpful blog post that will help you understand the generation of your signature better: