Enable Custom Video Filters

Disclaimer: I have zero experience in this field, and this may be the wrong place to put this request

I was digging around a bit and trying to find a way to add new or change existing video filters, and I was able to find the file location for the filter previews, however I was not able to work out how the actual filters themselves work and was wondering if there was a way to edit them or make new ones?


Hi, I am interested in the same topic. I arrived to the folder but haven’t moved much further. Did you figure something out in the meantime?

I was unable to make any progress on it past finding the folder and finding the filter previews, and it didn’t seem worthwhile to pursue when I could accomplish the same effect by putting a hat on. If you find anything out, I would appreciate learning about it.

Hey @RC-3141 and @lea2

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Although Zoom SDK and Zoom API is only for Online or Live meetings, it would be pretty awesome to put change_filter=true to change the background filter.


Most people I know install a third party video filter like SnapCam, and make that their camera for Zoom. You can develop your own SnapCam filters in Lens Studio (little bit of a learning curve).

Zoom really should put the foot down on the pedal for goofy little things like this, it really keep the product interesting and fun. One of the things that first brought me to Zoom, was that they had easy to use virtual backgrounds.

We would love to be able to create custom filters to enhance our client calls / virtual experiences. Can’t rely on a 3rd party app for this and would love that custom feel / attention to detail.

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