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We’re looking for the method to enable video quality higher than 360p. Other Zoom SDKs have it:

  • Found enableHDVideo() method in Windows SDK.
  • Found enable720p() in Android SDK.

Is there a method to turn on 720p or better in iOS SDK? Is documentation outdated or is this actually not supported?

Which version?
Latest update from Aug 20th 2020

Additional context
We have 1080p video enabled on our account. We’re successfully participating from Windows in 1080p and from Android at 720p. Even on iPhone Xs with great cameras the quality is 360p. Can it be changed?

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Hey @pavel

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The iOS SDK does not have an equivalent method to those methods in the other SDK’s. However, the iOS SDK will automatically attempt 720p if the network connection is stable enough to provide it. In other words, the iOS SDK enables 720p automatically.

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Thank you Michael. Any concrete plans on supporting 1080p for accounts with the feature enabled?

Hey @pavel

Unfortunately, I do not have access to info related to that.

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Hello, had there been any updates to allow iPad ios users to bump up their video quality? I need an attendee with an iPad to have matching video ratio for a recording. TYIA.

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This forum is only meant to assist developers who are integrating our SDK into their own applications. For general Zoom questions, please use the Zoom Community. :slightly_smiling_face: