Enable Webinar Q&A options through REST API

I realize this is a beta feature. Is there a beta API feature to match?

I would like to enable the following webinar Q&A features when creating a webinar through the REST API.

Allow attendees to view
    all questions
    Attendees can upvote
    Attendees can comment

If that’s not possible,

  1. Can these settings be set as default?
  2. Can a webinar be created through the API that uses a template? (Templates seem to save these settings)

Setting these by hand through the web interface is not feasible.

Hey @blaine.carter, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

As of now there is no beta API feature for the Q&A webinar settings.

These settings can be set as default when using Webinar templates via the Web Interface:

  1. Create a Webinar and select the respective Q&A settings.

  2. Save the Webinar as a tempalte.

  3. Create a new Webinar and choose the template created in the previous step.

  4. Notice that the Q&A settings are preset via the template

As of now we do not have APIs for webinar templates, but are working on adding this feature. (ZOOM-28758)


Thanks Tommy,

I had already tested creating a webinar with a template and it does save those setting but, it’s not feasible to hand create each webinar.

If I get a vote for a new feature in the API, I’ve rather be able to set the Q&A options than have a template API.

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Happy to help @blaine.carter!

I will pass your vote on. :slight_smile: (ZOOM-134694)


@tommy How do I see (ZOOM-134694)?

The powers that be have decided that they like this feature enough that I’ve now been assigned to manually update every webinar. Currently there are nearly 100 and growing.

If I have to do this for very long, hate will not be a strong enough word for how I feel about this missing API setting…

Is there any way to automate setting these options?

Is there some sort of BETA API I can use?

Is there an account wide default setting somewhere?


We use the REST API to create webinars with data the webinar hosts enter in another system. So, creating webinars from a template would be more work than manually changing these setting after they are created through the API.

Also congrats on being one of the top 20 advocates to follow!


Hey @blaine.carter,

The ZOOM-134694 is for internal tracking. I will provide updates here as we develop the feature. I have updated the issue to the highest priority.

I understand the pain points here.

We are working on a solution asap.

And thanks for the shoutout! :slight_smile:


Hey @blaine.carter,

We are evaluating when we can fit this in to one of our upcoming releases.

At the latest it would be in Q2 (Apirl/May/June), but we will try to get it out or a beta before then.

Thanks for your patience,

Hi Tommy - will this feature also allow the possibility to disable the Q&A when scheduling the Webinar via the API?

At the moment, this is enabled by default, and the only way to change it is to manually edit the Webinar.

Many thanks,


Hey @ed.g,

Yes, that will be possible with this feature. :slight_smile:


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Hi Tommy,

Is this new webinar features available now we have a the same problem our webinars are growing in our school and scheduling them one by one is taking a lot of time…

Or if we could automate this via API then we would go to this route.



Hey @joel.dapiawen,

No update on the Q&A settings via API yet.

Apologies for the inconvenience,

Hi @tommy, whilst waiting for the feature to enable / disable Q&A at when creating / updating via the API, do you know if it is possible to configure the Q&A setting at group and user level? Or at least if it is enabled, have it unselected by default?

The vast majority of Webinars that we will use (scheduled via the API) will be without Q&A, but there are the odd sessions that will require it. At the moment, we would either have to disable it completely, or enable it, but then manually edit each webinar that we don’t want to use Q&A.

Many thanks!

Hey @ed.g,

Unfortunately there are no group / user level Q&A setting that can be changed with the API. We will work on getting this onto the roadmap.


Hi @tommy,
Are there any estimates for when this will be available?

Thank you,

Hi @developer-whova

Unfortunately we do not have a current date for this release, we have had to prioritize other features during our 90-day security focus.

Do we have any update on this? Still no Q&A settings on Rest API

Hey @developer-whova,

No updates yet. I have just requested upped priority on this feature and we will see if we can fit it in to our near term roadmap.


Hey @developer-whova, @ed.g, @blaine.carter, @joel.dapiawen,

We are working on releasing this late this year. I will keep you updated if the timeline changes.


Hey @developer-whova, @ed.g, @blaine.carter, @joel.dapiawen,

We are currently planning on releasing this functionality (Adding Webinar Q&A Settings to API) later this month! :slight_smile:

I will update you if the timeline changes.


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