Unable to disable webinar Q&A through API

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Hi, I was trying to disable/enable the questions_and_answer for a webinar using the Zoom API, however, i was not able to do it, the API returns 201 however when i see the webinar information, it shows the old value


The option is not updated:

Request: PATCH api.zoom.us/v2/webinars/{webinarID}


    "duration": 180,
    "settings": {
        "question_and_answer": {
            "enable": false

Request: GET api.zoom.us/v2/webinars/{webinarID}


        "question_and_answer": {
            "enable": true,
            "allow_anonymous_questions": false,
            "answer_questions": "only",
            "attendees_can_upvote": false,
            "attendees_can_comment": false,
            "allow_submit_questions": true

Hi @victor5
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I did a little test on my end and I was able to disable the Q&A via API, using the same payload that you shared here.
Are you still having this issue?

Hi @elisa.zoom thank you for the response

Yeah, I’m still getting the same behavior, the Q&A enable property is still TRUE despite I am passing it as FALSE

Do I need to have special scopes in my OAuth token to do this action?

this is a demo following the steps above


Interesting, I am not able to replicate this on my end
I will go ahead and send you a private message to get more details about your issue

thank you @elisa.zoom

Just to let you know this is the payload we used to create the webinar:

Method POST (/users/${userId}/webinars)


 agenda: 'whatever',
 duration: 90,
  settings: {
    contact_name: 'Victor Nieves',
    approval_type: 0,
    contact_email: 'victor@getquorum.com',
    auto_recording: 'cloud',
    practice_session: true,
    alternative_hosts: 'accounts+sandbox@gqzoom.com,dev+zoom2@getquorum.com',
    show_share_button: false,
    close_registration: true,
    allow_multiple_devices: true,
    registrants_confirmation_email: false,
    registrants_email_notification: false,
    host_video: true,
    panelists_video: true
   timezone: 'America/Edmonton',
   topic: 'Alberta Condo Fractions Test',
   start_time: '2023-10-12T15:15:35'

We are not sending anything related to the Q&A because we want it enabled by default and that part is working well, however, we want the flexibility to disable later for some cases and that’s why we need the patch webinar API