EnableAutoAdjustMic and IsAutoAdjustMicEnabled not working

I am calling “EnableAutoAdjustMic(false)” in my code but it has no effect. Also, “IsAutoAdjustMicEnabled()” does not return the correct state.
By default Zoom internal AGC is enabled and cannot be disabled.

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)

  1. Disable AGC setting in windows

  2. Try this code:

    var settingsService = sdk.GetSettingServiceWrap();
    var audioSettings = settingsService.GetAudioSettings();
    var enabled = audioSettings.IsAutoAdjustMicEnabled();

  3. enabled is false even if Auto Adjust is set to true in the line above.

  4. If instead you call “EnableAutoAdjustMic(false)”, yelling at the microphone will still cause volume to lower

Additional context
Check AGC is disabled in windows

Pardon me for following up so early with a fix, I should probably have tested more. I was undecided if deleting the original post but I think it is still relevant since documentation is lacking. The above code still does not work, but the cause is that calls to audioSettings actually work only when the state of the meeting is at least “connecting”. Not sure why and this is not documented, so documentation has space for a lot of improvement.
In any case, given the proper conditions, which are not documented I think, the call actually works. Sorry for the false report. I am leaving this since it may be useful to other developers.

Hi @bragma,

Thanks for the post and glad to hear that you have resolved this issue. I will forward this to the doc team and ask them to address this in the future windows SDK doc.

Thank you.