Enabling 1080p quality for Video Web SDK and getting individual participant's raw video and audio stream

Hello team,

For a particular use case, we have started exploring Zoom Video SDK. We noticed that the highest quality offered by default on Video Web SDK is 720p whereas we need at least 1080p quality output from Zoom. Kindly help us with the following queries:

  1. Is it possible to enable 1080p quality for usage on Video Web SDK?

  2. Our use case requires us to use the raw video and audio streams of individual participants and send it out as WebRTC feed. We noticed that the Video SDK allows us to render video on an HTML element, but does it provide a raw media stream that we can use to send as WebRTC feed?

Looking forward to hearing from you on the possibilities with Video SDK and hoping it could cater to our use case.


@sv.cool92 ,

The highest resolution we support right now on Web SDK is 720p.

For raw video and audio stream of participants, you will need to utilize the client SDK on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

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@chunsiong.zoom Thank you so much for the prompt response, much appreciated!

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