End Meeting not Working zoom API

End Meeting not working using zoom API using End Meeting End Point. we have pass the param meetinguuid for end meeting.

Status code shows Bad Request

Refer the below code we are using

Hey @catalyze.online!

I just tested, and I was able to “END” a live meeting.

The message from Zoom’s UI was a bit cryptic and confusing, “This meeting has ended because someone else is using this meeting ID”.

Here’s a quick troubleshooting list:

  1. Make sure you have an actual meeting running while you’re trying to execute this API request.
  2. Check that you’re properly concatenating the meetingId into the URL Path
  3. Make sure that the meetingId in the URL Path matches the meetingId displayed in the Zoom Client (when you click the “info” button, since we’ve removed the MeetingID being displayed in the title bar of the client recently).
  4. Make sure you can Get a Specific Meeting (using the meetingId from the Client).

I was UNABLE to Get the List of {live] Meetings (either implicitly using type = ‘live’ with the default, or explicitly setting it to ‘live’). I am going to file an issue now for this as a potential bug.

Let me know if that works please.

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