Endmeeting via JS


how is ‘endMeeting’ to be used? i guess this only works for logged in users, but how
to do that via JS API?



Thank you for reaching out to us, we will update you shortly.


hi again,

are there any news regarding how to become a host via sample-web-app, i.e. login via username / password?

is it possible via ZoomMtg.join() to set the credentials, instead of name / room-password?

or, alternatively, would it be possible to use some kind of ‘no host’ meeting rooms, i.e. rooms for which no host must be logged in? now, i get the message ‘meeting ended because host didnt show up’ after some time if different clients connect to my personal meeting room, without logging in with username and password.


Hi @harald.glanzer,

Not at this time, by setting the Role to 1, the person initiating the meeting is the host.

Not at this time, we’ll take a look to see.

Currently, the host will have to show up to the meeting in order for the meeting to continue after some time.

my fault, i just missed the ‘role’ parameter.


Hi @harald.glanzer,

Let us know if you need anything else.