Enquiries about Webhook


We have a platform where we programmatically set up meeting between 2 individuals, using our account as the host. But we are not going to join the meeting.

I have 2 questions I cannot answer through the forum search.

  1. Using join_before_host and jbh_time, does the host still need to start the meeting manually?
  2. If start_time is reached, does meeting.started get fired?

We need autonomy in the meeting and only update our system through webhook. Do you know if this is possible without the manual action of starting the meeting?

Hi @donjajo ,

If join before host is enabled , then the meeting.started will be fired when anyone joins the meeting. In this case, the event will be fired when participant joins the meeting (before the host) even if its not the start_time

Great, thank you!

Lastly, when is meeting.ended fired in this case?

Generally when the Host ends the meeting. But if the host does not join, then when the last person leaves.

Thank you for the clarification.

I know I said lastly on my last reply, but I got another last one :slight_smile:

What about when a meeting exhausts its duration? Does it automatically end?


The meeting will not automatically end just because the duration is passed.

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Thank you for your support! :slight_smile: