Webhook meeting ended event fired every time a participant left meeting

I have read the document, it said

A meeting host can end a meeting for all meeting participants.
The Meeting Ended event is triggered every time a meeting host ends the meeting.

But i found out it triggered every time a participant left the meeting. I found it also have a “Participant Left” event for that thing, so I don’t know why this event needs to trigger.

Thank you.

Hey @hung.le,

What is the meetingID you are experiencing this for?

Can you share one of the webhook payloads so I can debug?


Hi @tommy,
Here is webhook payload of the event:

{ account_id: ‘*******’,
{ duration: 40,
start_time: ‘2020-04-07T06:25:16Z’,
timezone: ‘Asia/Jakarta’,
end_time: ‘2020-04-07T06:26:34Z’,
id: ‘351484390’,
type: 2,
uuid: ‘yeeBmTabTnCm17WaRfMdbw==’,
host_id: ‘mYEZ2e_mTOyauvOtKF0aMA’ } }

Thank you

Hey @hung.le,

After looking into that meeting, only the host joined, and then left. If the host leaves when there is no one else in the meeting, you will get the meeting ended webhook.


Hi @tommy

When I test with the host user when I left, it triggered the Meeting Ended event as you say, but the meeting was not end, I could re-joined that meeting then left again and it trigger the event again. I thought the Meeting Ended event should trigger only one time when the meeting “really” end.


Hey @hung.le,

The meeting “really ends” once it is after the end time and all the participants have left.


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