Ensemble record mode

I run choirs/music groups like millions of others on zoom. We know we can’t sing/play together in real time, but the individual audio record function in zoom “could” records individual participants and then we could sync together in a music postage to create virtual ensembles. But at present all participants would hear everyone performing out of sync while they record.

The solution: Ensemble record mode. This would enable the hosts sound to be sent to all participants, all participants have mics turned on (with headphones), but their mic sound is not replayed to everyone in the group and only recorded in the local computer in separate audio recordings. The host can then mix those separate recordings to produce an ensemble recording.

Zoom is used by millions of musicians but to be able to hear each other is the holy grail for most. This would enable a quick mix after rehearsal to be sent to everyone so they can hear the music they have made.