Entering same meeting multiple times causing "v2/report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants" to return the last connection participants info

We encountered a problem while trying to retrieve info on meeting from zoom.
We had a meeting that was created on 01/29/2019 09:16:32 by host. The user that was suppossed to connect to this meeting connected also on 01/29/2019 09:25:26 and on 01/31/2019 08:57:21.
The problem is that the API request to https://api.zoom.us/v2/report/meetings/{ meetingId}/participants results an array of participants from the last connection attempt (from 01/31/2019 08:57:21).
The host wasn’t included via the participants array, only the user.
When calling https://api.zoom.us/v2/report/meetings/{meetingId} I retrieve the host email, but the fields start_time and end_time assigned with the last connection attempt info done by the user.


We may have to request some private credentials from you for this issue. Can you please send us an email at developersupport@zoom.us with the following detail:

  1. email id associated with the account
  2. Host email id.

Please include any other relevant information that you may have.