Environment related queries regarding Publishing OAuth App

Hi Team,

I am having some general question regarding publishing and republishing the App.

  1. While publishing the App and giving to Zoom team for testing does it have to be our production environment or can we use our UAT or QA environment

  2. While publishing the App and giving to Zoom team for testing do we use the Zoom app development installation URL or production URL

  3. If answer to ‘2’ is ‘development installation URL’ then : If Deauthorization can only be tested using production app then how will the Zoom team be able to test this while we submit our app for publishing if we are using development app ?

  4. If the answer to ‘1’ is ‘Yes’ and answer to ‘2’ is production URL. Then we will need to change the redirect URL of production app while moving the feature to our production environment. Will changing the redirect URL require for us to publish the app again ?

  5. Do we need to provide Zoom team with the credentials of a Zoom account that can install our app for testing since it can not be installed by users outside the development account before its published?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?


Hi @thanthu,

When publishing, your production env will be used, but in testing with the App Review team you will use development/QA (including dev credential URL).

Deauthorization is sent to the same endpoint regardless of the production/development credentials, so in testing your app should handle these deauthorizations at the same URL.

You do not need to provide us a Zoom account, but you do need to provide a free trial / test account of your own app :slight_smile:

Thanks @michael.harrington,

But I don’t know If I understood correctly, if App Review team will use development/QA environment and our Deauthorization endpoint is pointed to production environment. Then the data of the user’s won’t be deleted from development/QA environment since those data stored are stored in development/QA environment and not production environment.

How do we handle this ?

Hey @thanthu,

Actually, the App Review team tests the production version of your app for the app submission requests.

For app update requests, they test using the development credentials.

Does that make sense?


Hi @tommy So the App review team will use our production environment and the market place app will also be production, is that correct ?

What do you mean by app update requests ? Will they use development credentials in our development environment ?

Hey @thanthu,


If you need to make a change to your Zoom app, then the review team will test your changes on the development environment so as to not affect your production environment.