Test Account when submitting an application


I have developed a oAUTH webhooks-only application which resides in our development environment and has not made it through our internal QA into our production environment. I am just wondering what the process is for submitting the application with regards to 3. Test account and credentials. Considering my application is a Webhooks only application, do Zoom need to test this on a production environment or can you test this on a development environment? Also, I will have to configure some changes on my side to enable this to work, is the review procedure expected to be a back and forth?


Hey Mark,

When we test the app, we will use the Production Oauth to install your app on a Test Zoom Account and then trigger each of the event listeners setup on your webhooks. What we need from you:

  1. Supply login credentials in the 3. Test account and credentials section as well as the app domain where I will use the credentials log in
  2. Type out or link a test plan for how to trigger each Webhook within the 2. Release Notes section
  3. Submit your App for review
  4. We will receive and review your app within 72 hours
  5. We will send you an email with the Review Document attached that will highlight issues you can resolve

From there we will continue to communicate through, Release notes, the review document, and direct emails if necessary.

You can also use this resource to make sure you have each necessary section in order to be published:

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