Erro meeting SDK


We are currently facing a problem in our sdk, we noticed that 2 errors are triggered in the console referring to the _.isNil function, we used version 2.9.7 of the sdk, we updated to version 2.10.1 and the error persists, can you help me to correct this , please.

I can’t upload the print because the error “An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

But about the error, two messages appear in the console reporting the error, one with the title of TypeError: _.isNil is not a function and the other with the title of Uncaught TypeError: _.isNil is not a function

And to replicate the error, what we do is simply access the page that we have set up for meetings with an active meeting and what we see on this page is just a black background, which should actually be the default zoom meeting screen.

In case you need this information, our current version is 2.9.7, but we also tested the most current version we found in the documentation, which would be version 2.10.1

I checked that have loaded lodash correct!
We already opened several topics and nobody found a solution, help us. Thanks


Hi @apresentadorauditori ,

I need more information regarding this.

This is Meeting SDK right?

Are you using client view or component view?

Is there a specific version of react you are using?

Are you using iframe / embed functionality with the SDK?


Correct, we only use the Meeting SDK and we are using Component View.
We use the same version of react encapsulated in the SDK.
We don’t use the iframe/embed functionality with the SDK.

If you have any further questions, please let us know, we want to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

are you able to share some snippet of code on the html front end and javascript?

Our developer asked if we can share the plugin files with you, in zip

We developed a plugin to manage it, which part of the code do you want to know?! Because the plugin uses multiple tools