Erroneous status code from API


I wish I could dust this off with the same smiley.
However, our workload is live already and we need it fixed at the earliest.
What we are doing is manually approve using admin portal whenever our students report the problem.
Its embarrassing but we cannot help it.

We have given up on all the issues reported so far. I believe the API users are limited and zoom is concentrating on security fixes which I agree are most important.

It happens to all meetings for students randomly.
We have observed a few more things while approving the requests manually.
The email ids field is case sensitive on the recording sign-up page but not for the API code at zoom.
For example if by the API call I register someone with an email id and on the sign-up for somebody registers with SOMERANDOEMAIL@DOMAIN.IN it doesnt consider them same and approvals is required separately for the sign-up.

Apart from this the issue still occurs randomly for random meetings even if the emails are used in lower case everywhere.
For example, same student gets approved for most of the meetings but doesn’t get approved for one.

Hey @gourav.ims, @abrams,

I will request prioritization on this - in my opinion this does fall under security features / enhancements, so I will see what I can do.

Our engineers need Meeting IDs that had this issue so they can check the logs to debug the issue. I will private message you requesting these.

In the meantime you could reverse the process and set registration to automatically approve, and then cancel registrants that you don’t have in your list.

Nice find, let me see if we can add a case insensitive check. (ZOOM-171840)


Hey @gourav.ims,

I just tested this, and you are able to call the Add Meeting Registrant API multiple times for the same users email, uppercase or lowercase, but the join_url that is returned and sent to them via email is the same each time.


Hey @tommy

I am also facing the same issue. Could you please help me with a solution.
meeting IDs which faced this issue: - 922 0635 8992 and 980 7886 7100

Hey @naveen,

Thanks for letting us know, we are investigating the issue. (ZOOM-151205)


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