Error 429 Too many requests for this user, please try again later, user email: xxxxxx@xxxx.xx

I’m getting Error 429 when trying to consume “users” endpoint using a PHP script and cURL on a Business+ account.

According to the official documentation, GET /users/{userId} is labeled as “Light” Rate Limit, so I’m supposed to be able to make 80 req. / second without daily limit. Nevertheless, the error appears randomly between the firsts 10 calls and remains for about 5 minutes, after that period I start getting response 200 until the error appears again and so on.

I’m calling the user endpoint at a frequency of 1 call every 3 or 5 seconds until it fails. Is there any limit that is not specified on the documentation that I should be aware of?

{“code”:429,“message”:“Too many requests for this user, please try again later, user email: xxxxxx@xxxx.xx.”}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
GET /users/{userId}

Additional context
There are 10 users on this account but only 1 is being used.

Hi @eduardo.merino

Thank you for reaching out to Developer Support!
You are right, GET/users/{userId} is a Light rate limit, so I am curious about this error you are getting.

Have you changed anything in your code recently that might have affected this calls?
If this is not the case, please send an email to with a link to this thread, also can you please send us the exact request URL you’re using, the error response, and timestamp?

Also, could you include the ID or email of the account owner so we can debug further


Hi @elisa.zoom

Thanks for the response, i’ve already send the email containing the requested information for debug.