Getting 429 error in User create API

Get 429 error on create basic user api.

{“code”:429,“message”:“Too many requests for this user, please try again later, user email: XXXX”}

Which Endpoint/s?
POST /users

Additional context
In response header I only get value of X-RateLimit-Category which is Light,
Getting null of X-RateLimit-Type, X-RateLimit-Limit and X-RateLimit-Remaining

Hi @vaghelaabhijeet6,

Are you on a free plan? If so, this could be why you’re not seeing the remaining rate limits reflected, as these apply to paid plans. Let me know if that’s not the case, though!


Hi @will.zoom,
I am using zoom business account, Rate limit occurs sometimes while I am trying to add user.


Hi @vaghelaabhijeet6,

Thanks for clarifying! Please see our rate limits here for Business accounts:

If you continue to see that the rate limit remaining headers don’t specify the remaining limit, can you please send us the exact request URL you’re using, the error response, and timestamp to


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