Error code:16 show in dialog when start a Instant Meeting in demo

I download the demo in github. And then I initialize ZOOM SDK successfully and login in successfully.But When I click the Start a Instant Meeting button, It show a dialog " This meeting has an unexpected error.Error code:16"

But the apk downloaded from net is OK.

My phone is HM 2LTE-CMCC .Android version is 4.4.4 .OS version is MIUI8.2.

My onther phone is OK.The OK phone  is OPPO R9

Hi Qiwen,

error code 16 means Web rejected the identity token send from android SDK. It could caused by dirty data in local database. In most case, delete the data folder and restart the application will fix this issue.


Hello Wei,

     I have uninstall the app , and delete the us.zoom.loginexample directory in Android/data in my phone and run the app demo.The problem is solved.Thank you for your answer!


Closing as solved.