Error code 3622 - documentation

We have some clients that fail to join zoom meeting (during the join operation on the web SDK) with the error mentioned below.

I cannot find any documentation about this error code, except from the message saying that an error happened on zoom server side.
You were supposed to improve error code documentation with 1.7.9 if i’m not wrong.


  • is it just that you forgot to update this documentation page
  • or the documentation is somewhere else ?
  • or you don’t want to document it too much cause this happen on server side ?

Anyway, is it possible to have the cause of such error ?
Is it possible to have a more fine grained message explaining for example that it happened when connection to your internal network from the gateway, or because a real error happened on the server for a specific reason ?

Thanks in advance for your insights :slight_smile:

Error code: 3622
message: Webサーバーエラーのため接続できませんでした。

Which version?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Laptop
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.15.5
  • Browser:Chrome 83.0.4103.116

Hey @nvivot,

We have improved our error messaging. Could you share a screenshot or english version of the error message?