Error code 429 : exceeded the daily rate limit of (3)

we are getting error 429 while adding registrant into meeting. Help us to understand this problem and guide us their resolution

Response we are getting while adding registrant for meeting :
{“code”:429,“message”:“You have exceeded the daily rate limit of (3) for Add meeting registrant API requests for the registrant ( You can resume these API requests at GMT 00:00:00.”}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
we are using OAuth

Which Endpoint/s?{meetingID}/registrants

Additional context
Add any other context about the problem here.

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Hi @avinash.moharil ,

Could this apply to you in this situation?

Rate Limits - API Reference.


What is the usage scenario that is leading you to add and remove the same registrant to the same meeting so frequently? This is odd behavior for production purposes.

If this is for development and testing purposes, then I’ve previously suggested some workarounds for fabricating “new” email addresses to work around the rate limit by using plus addressing or an email forwarding service.

I believe we’re experiencing this issue as well, and that’s not limited to the same registrant. The whole account is limited to adding 3 registrations per day, and that wasn’t working like this.

I mean, this error occurs independently of the registrant e-mail address, once it registered the third, 429 errors spawn. We’re using the webinar endpoint – how are we supposed to register 500+ registrants with a 3/day limitation?

Also, the documentation page is broken: the markdown table should have used only inline HTML, not further multi-line markdown…

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