Error Code missing scopes but the scopes are present

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I am receiving an error only when testing with certain accounts. The error is indicating that the access token obtained by the user does not contain the scopes required to create a meeting.

I have tested with 3 different accounts that are connected to the same Zoom account that the app is created under. This Zoom account is Licensed. With all 3 of these accounts I do not receive the error and with all 3 of these zoom accounts the meetings are created successfully.

As far as I know when performing an authorization using Oauth2 for zoom I do not need to pass the scopes through the URL and instead the scopes added to the app in the zoom marketplace are what are used.

Below is an image of the URL I use for authorizaiton.

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 11.44.35 PM

Below are the scopes that are available to me in the zoom app on the marketplace and are added.

Based on the error being reported of missing scopes which indicates it is missing the scopes of [user:write:admin, user:write] the only scope missing is the ‘user:write’ but that scope is not even available in the list of scopes for a user in my app on the zoom marketplace.


I am getting this error

“{“code”:4700,“message”:“Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [user:write:admin, user:write].”}”

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Using OAuth App

Which Endpoint/s?[userId]/meetings

Below is screen shot of the JSON Body

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

I honestly do not know how to reproduce this behavior because I am not experiencing this behavior. As mentioned in my testing with 3 separate accounts belonging to the same Licensed Zoom account in which the app is created on the Zoom marketplace I am not experiencing this issue.

I have been attempting for a few weeks to get the app approved by Zoom. It is the Zoom tester that is trying to create the event from my application and they are receiving this error.

I have no way to reproduce the error and at a complete loss as to why the Zoom tester is experiencing the issue.

Screenshots (If applicable)

Screen shots have been added above where applicable.

Additional context

To reiterate, this is during the Zoom app approval process. I am unable to reproduce the error. In all of my testing everything works fine. It is only when the Zoom tester attempts the call that the error occurs.

I have had other issues related to the Zoom app approval. One of them was that the email addresses provided by Zoom for the Zoom accounts they would use did not actually match what was actually the email address of the account and so there was an error there. Once I resolved for that and pointed out to the Zoom tester the email address provided didn’t match the actual email address of the account, a different tester account was used and is resulting in this issue.

Unsure at this point if it is an issue with the settings of the Zoom test account or if there is something that I am missing in my setup, because I can not reproduce the issue and I have not been granted access to allow other test accounts to test the integration.

Hi @boston85719 ,

Sorry to hear about this! Is your Zoom tester using your production credentials when making the API request?

Additionally is the Zoom tester someone from our App Review team or someone from your side?


Hi @gianni.zoom

The Zoom tester is someone from your App Review team.

The Zoom tester is using the development credentials when making the API request.

Originally my client had been in communication with Zoom App Review team and handling the approval process and I believe the client had been informed to use the development credentials. We have had to resubmit 7 or 8 times now and that is why I have decided to take over the submission process to reduce the back and forth and hopefully get to a point the app is approved.

Should we be using the production credentials?

Hi @boston85719 ,

It’s okay if they’re using the development credentials because I’m assuming the testing you’ve done where you are unable to reproduce the same error is also with the development credentials (please correct me if I’m wrong!).

Can you please send me an email a link to this thread with your app credentials, full request and response to I will inquire as to why they’re getting “user:write” as a required scope when it is not available to add.

Thank you,

Thank you Gianni

I have sent an email

Hi Gianni

I originally sent this email through my boston85719@yahoo address which is what I predominately use. This gmail account is used to separate my personal Zoom from my work Zoom (which is part of a licensed plan from my employer at uses my @yahoo address). Forgive me for the double message but I wanted to ensure it reached you properly.

If you are able to, could you please reply to my @yahoo address? I understand if Zoom company policy does not allow this.

This email is in response to your forum reply

The app credentials are below

Live Key: [REDACTED]
Development Key: [REDACTED]

Error Code : “{“code”:4700,“message”:“Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [user:write:admin, user:write].”}”
Call by Zoom app review team tester which resulted in the error code above was on Nov 25, 2021 1:11 am

I am unable to reproduce the error that is created when the Zoom App Review Team tester attempted the call. I have personally tested this call after the error was reported a 9 times from 3 different Zoom accounts and have no errors ever. It is a complete mystery as to why the Zoom App Review Team Tester got the error. I have a feeling it is a setting on their account that has caused it.

The app name is Chezie

I am using this call[userId]/meetings

Below is screen shot of total api usage from Nov 7 to Nov 30 2021. The 3 failures on the 18th I believe were the 3 errors reported when another Zoom App Review Team attempted to get refresh token using an email address that was different from what they provided us prior to testing, so our test account didn’t have the correct email address.

Below are the meetings I created using the app after the Zoom App Review Team Tester had the error




Hi @boston85719 ,

No problem, I will respond to the yahoo address from which you sent your inquiry.


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