Error code when locking meeting

In SDK v5.16.0, new meeting statuses were introduced. Among these were MeetingStatus.MEETING_STATUS_LOCKED and MeetingStatus.MEETING_STATUS_UNLOCKED. When you are host and you lock the meeting with InMeetingService.lockMeeting(boolean), the SDK meeting status changes to one of these new statues.

This seems odd that the meeting status is no longer considered to be MEETING_STATUS_INMEETING, even though you are still in a meeting. I have logic that is now failing because I check the meeting status occasionally to see if I am in a meeting and I no longer think I am. I never checked for MEETING_STATUS_LOCKED or MEETING_STATUS_UNLOCKED. I’m already planning on using a different mechanism to determine if I am in a meeting since meeting status no longer seems reliable.

But another thing I noticed, when the meeting status changes to MEETING_STATUS_LOCKED, any registered MeetingServiceListeners will have onMeetingStatusChanged() invoked, but the errorCode parameter is 1, not zero. When the status changes to MEETING_STATUS_UNLOCKED, the errorCode is zero. Is there a reason for the errorCode of 1 when a meeting is locked? When I see a non-zero errorCode, I toast different messages to the user and errorCode=1 produces an “invalid meeting ID” message. I can of course filter this out when the status is locked, but I just wanted to point it out because I think it’s a bug.

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