How to check meeting is locked or not on join using meeting service in windows ?


i started meeting from 1 device and locked it when i try to join from another device i’m getting failed status i can’t identify that meeting is locked in windows sdk c# wrapper.

i want to show message to user this meeting is locked by host but can’t able to identify status in side meeting status change callback.

i also tried “bool IsMeetingLoccked()” but all ways getting false.

Help me to solve this

Thank You.


one more information: the another device in meeting or not.

if in meeting, you can call this API to get meeting locked status.

if not in meeting, you will got MEETING_STATUS_FAILED status from ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE.IMeetingServiceEvent.onMeetingStatusChanged callback interface and the iResult is MEETING_FAIL_CONFLOCKED = 12.



here 12 is for MEETING_STATUS_WEBINAR_PROMOTE i’m confuse 12 is for what status.

here i’m talking about zoom windows sdk c# wrapper