Error in stream.startVideo()

af190b91-7c0e-458b-8d31-9d305fd29415:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘addEventListener’)
** at E.webGLContextLostProtect (af190b91-7c0e-458b-8d31-9d305fd29415:1:154172)**
** at E.Get_Display (af190b91-7c0e-458b-8d31-9d305fd29415:1:155342)**
** at af190b91-7c0e-458b-8d31-9d305fd29415:1:139156**

Hi team, I’m getting the above issue in stream.startVideo() method. I’m working creating multiple session using different topics and signature over a same client to achieve breakout room. for that I’m following the below steps,

  1. We will create a main session using a topic ( ex topic: main_session)

  2. users will be joining in the main session

To start breakout session

1)Users will leave the main session and join the break out session with new topic. ( ex topic: breakout_session).

  1. When breakout session ends, Users will be joining to the main session using the existing topic. ( ex topic: main_session)

I’m getting error while user return to main room in stream.startVideo() function.

Can you please help me on this ?

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