ERROR plugin_not_installed on Android

The last version of Zoom plugin is asking to use cordova-android nightly. When I use the nightly version all cordova plugins are not working on Android. I’m getting plugin_not_installed errors.

With cordova-android 8.1.0 and without installing Zoom, everything is working.

Ionic: 6.4.0
Cordova: 9.0.0
Cordova-Android: 9.0.0-nightly.2020.6.5.a830145f

Hi @elie.sauveterre,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The Ionic SDK requires to use Android SDK API Level 29 and only the latest version of Cordova Android supports API Level 29. Please refer to the instruction here to install the proper cordova-android: I have tried to install other plugins and it seems working fine for me.

If you are still facing issues, please file an issue in