error type: ‘JOIN_MEETING_FAILED’, reason: ‘Fail to join the meeting.’, errorCode: 200

Can someone help me, I can’t start/join the meeting, it throws
error type: ‘JOIN_MEETING_FAILED’, reason: ‘Fail to join the meeting.’, errorCode: 200

I am using the view component to display the meeting
I have searched everywhere but have no correct answer to help me solve
Here is my code screenshot

As per my knowledge and research, my JWT token is correct with the correct parameter here are the decoded values please see

Please guys help me I don’t know how to solve this and it’s very important for me to find the solution
If you need anything Please let me know I will provide that

Also, one thing to note I have tried to join this meeting with chrome as well as with firefox.

Hey @rushilpatellinux ,

Your implementation looks correct.

Can you try passing in the text or numeric password instead of the encrypted one?


is your Meeting SDK App activated?

Hello, everyone, I have solved the issue by putting meeting SDK key in the frontend code and now it is working well for everyone who is facing the same problem please make sure you have jwt API key in the backend and in frontend use the meeting SDK key

Initially I used correct key pairs but when it was not working initially of-course due to other problems, at that time I changed the key pairs and with some other changes here and there & it started to atleast bring up the screen of zoom component in our frontend which I misunderstood by thinking that key pairs were the problem, but they weren’t

After some digging into docs, I changed the keys and now it works

For people facing this issue please make a note that “Failed to join meeting” is generic error message which can cover various range of bugs in the your code, Like we tried to pass wrong password, sometimes wrong meeting number on purpose to see if the error message is different, so check for all parameters especially the signature that you are passing

Thank you everyone for your reply

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