Error URL for Zoom OAuth app

I’m using the OAuth app (not published) for authorization.
But when the user entered the wrong credentials (client id and secret) it gives not user friendly message. Is there any way to give an error URL for the app?

{“status”:false,“errorCode”:4702,“errorMessage”:“Invalid client_id: sss”,“result”:null}

Hi @mudithaj ,

Thanks for your feedback! The errorMessage “Invalid client_id” describes what the user needs to fix in order to help authorize the requests. It is indicating that the source of the error is with the client_id and/or secret. The error message is not as explicit as “wrong credentials” for security reasons.


Thank you.
To be confirmed zoom not providing any feature give error Url right?

Hi @mudithaj,

We won’t be changing the error information at this time.

Thank you,

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