Event notification endpoint URLs need validation again after awhile

I created a Server-to-Server OAuth app and also used it for Webhook Event Subscriptions. I’ve managed to validate my endpoint URLs and receiving events as expected.

However after a while (maybe a few hours) the app show this message

Validate the event notification endpoint URLs before activating the app

But then I tested again and still can receive webhook events as normal.

I’m quite confused about this. This is my code used for validation in php

if (isset($data['event']) && $data['event'] === 'endpoint.url_validation') {
	$plainToken = $data['payload']['plainToken'];
	$encryptedToken = hash_hmac('sha256', $plainToken, EDUSTATION_ZOOM_SECRET_TOKEN);
	return [
		'plainToken' => $plainToken,
		'encryptedToken' => $encryptedToken

Not sure if i did anything wrong or should I just ignore the error message.

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Hi @tommy,

we are seeing the same issue on our end. We added the endpoint validation and the initial validation worked. After half an hour or so, the message “Validate the event notification endpoint URLs before activating the app.” is shown again. If we validate endpoints again, it stays like that for half an hour, or an hour and this message is repeated again.

For information, the endpoints that we have are used for Recordings Completed and User Invitation Accepted events.

Also, information that might be of use, since the validation of the User Invitation Accepted event endpoint, we didn’t get any webhook calls regarding that (and by that, I mean I don’t see any calls in the Webhook calls log that go out to our endpoint).

This is something that is generating problems for us currently, so I would be grateful if we get the response soon.

If you need any additional information, I’m at your disposal. Thank you!

Hi @MelisaB and @nghia.bui
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
I will engage with our Engineering team about this and will update you as soon as I get some feedback.

Same problem here. It’s been a week that after few hours I validate the endpount, the app keeps sayng
Validate the event notification endpoint URLs before activating the app
I hope this will be fixed soon

Hi @elisa.zoom !
News on the issue?

Hi @mattifra
I am still investigating this issue with the Engineering team
Could you please confirm if you are still receiving events to your endpoint, even when you get the message
“Validate the event notification endpoint URLs before activating the app” ??


Hi @elisa.zoom
I’m using 5 endpoints: Start Meeting, End Meeting, Participant/Host joined meeting, Participant/Host left meeting and All recordings have completed. All are still working even when i get the message.

I also receive the auto revalidation events (every 72h) but the message doesn’t seem to go away.

Thanks @nghia.bui
We are still looking into this.
As you are still able to receive events, we are trying to determine if its an issue in our front end


Same problem here

  • The message reappears after a while “Validate the event notification endpoint URLs before activating the app”
  • (same as Fahir) webhooks stop coming a few hours after validation

I have to complete migrating to Secret Token this month for it is needed to resubmit TDD.
I hope we reach some conclusion soon.

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Hi @tech-zoom_zp
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community.
Are you not receiving any events once the message reappears?

Yes, that is correct.
We manually revalidate the app, and webhooks start arriving, but stops a few hours later. (The message also reappears)

fyi: the app’s name is “MiiTel for Zoom dev zp” and is not published.


Checking again today, we’ve found that the issue has ceased.
It’s still vexing why that happened.

Hi @tech-zoom_zp
Happy to hear that

Hi @elisa.zoom

Same problem here. I have created a new webhook for the Event-type Recording (All Recording have completed), for validation of the Event notification endpoint URL I have added the logic in my function and then I manually validated it, but after half an hour zoom showed the message “Validate the event notification endpoint URLs before activating the app” and I’m not receiving events to the endpoint when I got the message to validate endpoint URL.
And If I again manually validate, it will start working for the next half an hour.


Hi @sajal.setiya
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Have you double-checked your validation method?


Also, please make sure that your Endpoint URL meets the following criteria:

Yes, @elisa.zoom I have double-checked the validation method and referred to the same doc which you shared while creating the method. I’m adding the code snippet of the validation method.

if data_req["event"] == 'endpoint.url_validation':
    secret_token = ZOOM_WEBHOOK_SECRET_TOKEN.encode('utf-8')
    plain_token = data_req["payload"]["plainToken"].encode('utf-8')
    hash_for_validate = hmac.new(secret_token, plain_token, hashlib.sha256).hexdigest()

    status_code = 200
    sha_token = {
        "plainToken": data_req["payload"]["plainToken"],
        "encryptedToken": hash_for_validate
    sha_token = json.dumps(sha_token)
    return func.HttpResponse(sha_token,status_code = status_code)

And Endpoint URL used by me is of the Azure portal (I have used the python azure function), so the URL fulfills the criteria mentioned in the docs.

Hi @sajal.setiya
I see.
It looks like your validation method is correct, I do not see an issue with it.
I will follow up in a private message

Hi @elisa.zoom, I am having the same issue reported, I do not receive web hooks once its invalidates after about 30 mins of manual validation. I also can’t seem to find m web hook logs. The name of the app is ZoomToAws, It is supposed to backup cloud recordings to AWS.


Hi zoom support,
I did the manual validation of the address of my webhook successfully. But after a while he reappears again the notice of making the validation of the endpoint. Even if I repeat the operation several times. How can I do to solve the problem?

Thank you

Zoom support guys @elisa.zoom @tommy ,
My client is also facing the exact same issue. The validation fails after a while being validated. The server is online and the response is within 3 seconds but still, it fails. Please assist with this issue ASAP as it’s really crucial.