Validate Failing for Event notification endpoint URL

I’m having difficulty validating my event notification endpoint URL. I’m receiving the message “URL validation failed. Try again later.”

I’m following the instructions when creating the hash and returning a JSON object in the response, of which matches the format in the documentation.

Please see my code below and response being returned to ZOOM, which matches the sample exactly.

Ah, you brought this up also in a comment of another thread. I replied to that thread, here’s a link for anyone who might find it handy: I can't find any validate button when setting webhook - #13 by adam-sercante

@sfaraclas ,

This topic may be a duplicate of another. I will go ahead and close out this topic and continue to provide support here.

We kindly request that you only submit a single topic for any issues you are experiencing and keep any response to that thread.

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