Event on closing app

Hi, wanted to ask if there are events our Zoom app can listen to for when:

  1. the host closes the app
  2. the host leaves the meeting


onMeeting event with event.action == ‘ended’ host close the app

Hi So-Young,

Please be more specific as to what you are trying to accomplish.

If I understood you correctly, you are asking if there are such events that fire in a participant’s instance of the app when:

  1. the host closes their instance of the app in the meeting
  2. the host leaves the meeting without ending it, i.e. by transfering the host to another participant

The answer to (1) is no (AFAIK). For (2), it’s no, too, unless the participant is a co-host, in which case their instance of the app can listen to onParticipantChange.

If, however, you instead want events that are triggered for the host themselves, rather than another participant, then it’s still no for (1) (again, to the best of my knowledge), but for the case when the user of the app leaves the meeting there is, like @sathish.k said, onMeeting event with action==='ended' in the body, which indicates that the meeting is ending. After it fires, there is, apparently, a 10-second delay before the main client stops receiving messages from the meeting instance (or sooner if you issue endSyncData in the meeting).