How does eventlisteners work?

We need the host to get the details of the new users in our app, whenever a new user joins the call irrespective that person is using the app or not.

I tried

zoomSdk.addEventListener(‘onMyUserContextChange’, (event) => {
console.log(‘onMyUserContextChange’, event);

this code inside ngOnChanges but didn’t work.

thanks in advance

use onParticipantChange event to know when a user joins or leaves a meeting.

I tried using onParticipantChange as well

zoomSdk.addEventListener('onParticipantChange', (event) => { console.log('onParticipantChange',event) });

like this inside ngOnChanges but still didn’t work.

Yes, that is the way to add event listener. Add the event listener when component loads.

Thank you so much. It worked for me, though the issue was not with the code. I missed adding this event in the app configuration.

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