Event Subscriptions not working witth me?

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i create basic account on zoom and create jwt app then i create event notification on meeting ended to this url “https://beyondsa.online/endmeeting” and start meeting and end it for all but event not working

Event Subscriptions not working

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

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It looks like you’re trying to access the call logs for a webhook-only app. Since your app is a JWT app, these logs will not be available to you. We’re working on improvements to our development portal to include data like this, however; at this time, these logs are only available to webhook-only apps. A good way to debug webhooks is webhook.site. This will allow you to test/verify your events for your JWT app.

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thanks but how can i redirect to url after scheduled meeting ended ?

Hello, @beyondteam !

It sounds like what you’re looking to achieve is a Post-attendee URL. Checkout the documentation below and let me know if that helps!

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i am in pro package and i cannot add Branding. it return only information text, is there is another way ?

and another question in this account i need to enable multi meeting in same time and record meeting on cloud ,i tried add users but users add in basic package so i need all records in one pro account ?

Hey @beyondteam ,

At this time, the Post-attendee URL is the only way to redirect participants to your site after the meeting has ended. The closest similar option is for webinars - you may set the after meeting survey_url via the Update Webinar API. This can be achieved on a Pro account with a Webinar Plan.

In order to use cloud recording, you need to be a pro license or higher. Is there a user on your account having trouble doing so? In regards to concurrent meetings, you can do this on your account as long as each meeting is started by a different host (unless you’re on a Business+ plan).


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