Event subscriptions to target different endpoints based on region

Back in 2020, someone posted the following question on these forums: Best practice for handling subscription events required to go to different urls for different users

I’ve been informed that since that exchange, there have been changes to the Zoom APIs which may allow a single app to support event subscriptions being sent to different endpoints based on geographic region. However, I can’t find any information to confirm this.

That post has be closed since late 2020, so I wasn’t able to add to that conversation.

Based on the advice given in the post, my organisation has three marketplace apps in order to handle event subscriptions in different geographic regions. We’re uplifting our applications now and are exploring the possibility of consolidating down to a single application if possible. Ideally, what we’d like is for events for users in a given geographic location (country/region) to go an endpoint URL specific to that country/region.

Is someone able to:
a) confirm that the information I’ve been given is correct; and
b) if so, point me to the documentation which will assist with this.

We’re using are the Zoom Phone, Meeting and Contact Centre SDKs, so hopefully the answer(s) provided apply to all these SDKs.

@brad.close At the moment we do not have a direct solution for this except to create different apps for different regions. We are discussing this internally on how we can address this for use case such as ours and announce it once implemented. We appreciate your patience with this.