Is it possible to increase the limitation of 10 webhook subscriptions per zoom app


Hello zoom community & support,

We have been leveraging zoom webhook subscriptions for customer data ingestion and have noticed a hard blocker to our business expansion such that the Event Subscriptions per zoom app are limited to 10 while we are targeting to promote our zoom application to more than 10 regions worldwide for the anticipation of business growth.

Currently we have one zoom app in production used by all our applications deployed across multiple regions (less than 10 now) already and my question is:

What options are available to me if I need additional Event Subscriptions? We would prefer to not create a separate zoom app to avoid the unnecessary confusion to consumer when we have multiple apps for zoom in marketplace.


Hi @activityfoundation , welcome and thanks for posting!

To specify, do you need more than 10 separate endpoints subscribed to (any number of) events?

@ojus.zoom works on our webhooks and event subscriptions and will know our decision-making here. Ojus, what options do we have here?

@activityfoundation DM’d

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