Events during a live meeting

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We would like to get a little bit more of information about the events that are occurring during a given meeting. Events that we would like to know:
user is talking
user has camera on
user turn off camera
user is mute

@rossm @borademiral

You can use the onMyActiveSpeakerChange event for this

You can use the onMyMediaChange event for this

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank @MaxM for the response.

Another question, is there any web-hook that also inform this kind of Event??. Because, correct my if I’m wrong, but this events in the zoom app, only trigger if the app (our zoom app in this case) is running in foreground.

kind regards

That’s right, these events will only fire if your app is open within the Zoom Client. That is by design just to make sure that users are aware of what apps have access to their meeting data and are causing changes to the meeting.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any webhooks that would integrate with in-meeting events like this. Instead, our SDKs are intended to cover this functionality.

I hope that helps!