`meeting.ended` Webhook and Zoom Apps

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Are meeting.ended webhook events sent for all clients that have our Zoom App installed or only when it has been actively used/launched in a meeting?

I am asking because when comparing the number of meeting.ended events to our active users of the integration, the number of meeting.ended events is much higher than we would expect if it was only when the Zoom App had been directly launched/used in a meeting.

Ex: Receiving more meeting.ended events in the last 15 minutes than we have total active users for in the last week.

If it is for any meeting where our app is installed, it is not so much a problem as a difference in our expectations of when the event would occur and we want a clear understanding.


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. I believe this topic is suitable for this category. To ensure discoverability, I will add an API tag. That aside – great question! I will need to consult internally to provide you with the requested information. If you are observing more events than expected, please provide more details and I will share them with our internal team.

Also, can you let me know how many webhooks you were expecting to receive? And what the actual number was?

For users that have the app installed. To get at the # for ‘directly launched/used in a meeting’ you might consider looking into the getMeetingUUID method, to identify your app users in meetings

Thanks for getting back to me @donte.zoom and @JonStewart !

I don’t have an exact number I was expecting for launched app via our meeting. Unfortunately our activity tracking for those business/use events hasn’t been updating recently where I can access it. I’m working on getting that data updated so I have more precise information.

However, to give an idea from what I can gather at the moment:

Yesterday, 2022-01-11, we had 116 Active users of the Zoom App according to the Zoom Marketplace Metric Details. We received 20,809 calls to our webhook endpoint for meeting.ended events. It seems very unlikely to me that we had over 20,000+ meetings when our Zoom App was actively used with only 116 users.

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