Expand button is not working on Iphone/ios chrome


When zoom session opens in iphone/ios chrome browser and the user joins a meeting the Expand Button at top right side of the session window is not working, as a user needs to open the session window on the full screen of the phone.

The same zoom session and expand button are working on Android devices, but not working on iPhones.

Thanks & Regards,
Daniyal B

Hi @daniyalbaig39 , was it previously working for you? Can you please share screenshots and the versions for both iOS and Android?

Full-screen option is only not working in IOS/iPhone browser. Therefore, it is perfectly working on android & Windows browsers.

This is iPhone screenshot when user tab on fullscreen button it will not work and not open the zoom session into fullscreen. We are using this meeting to be open in browser.

Hi @daniyalbaig39 , which versions of iOS and Android please?

This is not working on all iPhone versions.

Hi @daniyalbaig39 , I meant which version of the iOS Video SDK are you using please?

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