External registration and zoom webinar access


our need step by step

  1. On ZOOM, I create a webinar
  2. the user signs up on my site and pays for the webinar (I specify that this should not be done on zoom but on my site)
  3. Once the user has registered and paid I would like to send (via API) the user data to zoom (name, surname, e-mail) to receive the credentials from zoom
  4. Receive the personal credentials of each user as a zoom response so that they can be registered and sent to the user.
  5. The user receives the credentials, accesses the webinar with the zoom apps, is recognized with Name and surname
  6. Zoom webinar records the time of use of each individual user
  7. For each user, we can know by querying the user time through API for each user.

it’s possible?
Can you show me the correct way?

I don’t have any error to report.

Hey @antongiuliolippi,

This is possible. You can use our Create Meeting API and share the join_url with the users who have paid.

A few marketplace apps have implemented a similar flow, for reference:




I am looking to do something similar to this, but add a link in Zoom registration so they have to view an agreement and then click yes or no that they have read the agreement when registering.

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Hey @raresome,

That is possible with using our API and your own agreement logic. :slight_smile:


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