During the creation of a Server-to-Server OAuth Application on the Marketplace page for my tenant I receive the following error at the point I want to add scopes to my app. This not happens for the first scopes but when I added already 30 scopes to my app and the selected scope will be deselected.


How To Reproduce
I don´t now if that can be reproduced or if this is something only on my tenant.

Can anybody explian this error?

@dennis.raulien ,

Thank you for calling attention to the error you are seeing. Does this error happen all of the time or just once? It seems like maybe an anomaly of some sort.

Hi @donte.zoom, thanks for your reply.
For this single Application it is happening all the time.
I already added around 44 scopes to my app, but for every additional scope I select, I get this error message and the scope is unselected.
I tried to build a server-to-server app for me with all scopes in it for testing and developing reasons.
I never read anything that the number of scopes is limited per app.


The behavior described sounds like a bug. As a next step, I’d recommend submitting a ticket with our support team so we can have a closer look at what is going on.

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