Update scopes of app - delay?

I’ve updated the requested scopes in my app (not yet published).

When I try to install the app now (local test or published url), it says Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [user:write:admin, user:read:admin, user:read, user:write, zms:user:write, user_profile, zms:user:read]. These are the old scopes. In my new config there’s only one scope.

So it seems that the oauth user screen is requesting the new scopes, but the Zoom backend is expecting the old scopes.

Is there a delay when updating scopes? Or do I need to do something else to confirm this change?


Hey @james2

Thanks for posting on the Zoom Devforum! I am still learning, but I will try my best to help answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Checkout these related threads that may have the answer you are looking for:

If these threads did not help, please let us know by replying back here and someone from the Developer Relations team will get back to you shortly.


Those did not help. If a human could please respond, that would be good thanks

OK I’ve figured it out. The error indicates that it is a list of all scopes that I needed to have for an operation. But now I think it’s a list of scopes, from which I only require one?

Hey @james2,

What API are you calling that returns that error?


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