Failed to post message to connected app in Zoom-Apps

I am creating an zoom app where we are passing some content in the left side screen i.e, on camera/video , It was working fine earlier but from yesterday it stopped working and showing below error.

Below is my code:

const toggleRenderingContext = () => {
        view: "camera",
      .then(() => {
      .catch((e) => {


 const sendMessage = (message, data) => {
    let msg = { message: message, data: data };
      .then(() => {
      .catch((e) => console.log("error in sending message", e));

const drawWebview = (data) => {
        webviewId: "1",
        x: 0,
        y: 0,
        width: props.dimensions.width,
        height: props.dimensions.height,
        zIndex: 2,
      .then(sendMessage("setSlug", 'test'))

Using zoom appsdk version: 0.16.5
Please help me to solve this issue.

@MaxM @elisa.zoom , Could you please help me to fix above issue. Thank you!

Hi @reyaz.ahmed
Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for the late reply here!
Have you been able to troubleshoot this issue on your end? Please make sure that you are on the latest version of the sdk please